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Chuck wagons are converted wagons, that have been transformed into mobile kitchens. They were used to transport food and supplies for trail crews and cattle drives. The chuck wagon served as the cook's traveling kitchen and the cowboy's home on long trail drives. It carried provisions for the trail hands, bedrolls, shovels, axes, rope, and even a few personal items. The chuck wagon stands as a sentimental symbol of the western legacy of a bygone era.

Conestoga wagons are broad wheeled covered wagons, that were used for transporting freight across the prairies. Conestoga wagons are not always available, but we can build to suit your needs.

Original farm wagons have been restored to original driving condition. Wheels, box and running gear are in excellent condition. We have several original condition models available to choose from.  Farm wagons can be fashioned into "covered wagons” by outfitting them with custom fit heavy duty cotton canvas covers.

Yard wagons are typically original farm wagons, that have not been restored. They are typically for display only. Wheels and wagon may not be in good enough condition to drive. We have a few good condition yard wagons to choose from.

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